Build Stronger, More Fulfilling & Rewarding Relationships With Your Family & Yourself Through Mastering Mindfulness TOGETHER  
We've Given Mindfulness A Makeover, And It's Going To Benefit The WHOLE Family… 
Here at Root2Mindfulness, we understand the power of Mindfulness, and the hugely positive effect it can have on every single person who welcomes it into their lives.

It's why we're so determined to make Mindfulness work in the modern world! 
We are living, and bringing up children, in the most high-pressure, scathing, stressful period in the whole of history… 

In the last 15 years, antidepressant use has increased by 65%.

And 68% of women and 57% of men with mental health problems are parents.

But, if more of us mastered Mindfulness, and passed it onto our children, those kinds of statistics would plummet. 

Mindfulness helps us acknowledge, accept, process, and put a stop to emotions that manifest negativity, or self-hurt

Our emotions can be the most beautiful thing in the world…

AND the most BRUTAL.

They can possess our minds, and that of our children’s with unwanted, toxic engagements, bad decisions, and ill thoughts. 

Have you ever done something you regret in the heat of the moment, like screaming at your kids or losing patience with your partner…

Then, afterward, you wished you'd had a process to press pause and reassess? 

That process is Mindfulness. 

It allows you to accept that emotion for what it is, so instead of letting it explode out and hurt your loved ones and create a negative environment… 

You're able to release it, let go and find peace within the moment. 

Just think how beneficial that would be, not just to YOUR life, but your KIDS lives too. 

Root2Mindfulness Is The Emotional Education Your Whole Family Needs!  
But listen, we know full well that us adults struggle sitting still in silence these days, let alone your kids…

That old-fashioned method of Mindfulness doesn’t have a place in the modern world. 

That's why we've created a program to teach the entire family about Mindfulness through fun GAMES, TASKS, and LESSONS

We've designed them specifically to help build stronger bonds with you, and your family as you master Mindfulness together
How Our Program Will Help Every Member Of Your Family
For Parents: 
We believe at Root2Mindfulness that happy people make the best parents

You have to be happy with who you are, and where you're going to provide a positive parenting pillar throughout your child’s entire existence. 

We want to help you respond to stressful, and testing situations through Mindfulness in a way that DOESN'T end in self-loathing, regret, or a fractured family. 

Not only will this help you parent more positively, and effectively

Mastering Mindfulness will help you: 
  • ​Be more in tune with yourself 
  •  Gain patience
  • ​Show awareness
  •  Learn how to relax
  • ​Promote fulfillment 

ALL qualities that will enrich every area of your life. 

If you’ve been struggling to connect with your children, or be the role model you always wanted to be…

This is for you! 

For Kids (Of Every Age!) 
Mastering Mindfulness at a young age will set up your children for life. 

It will help them evaluate what's essential in any given moment, and what's holding them back. 

They will understand their emotions, and be able to acknowledge that any suffering or stress is brief, never permanent and forever changing. 

Imagine, if you had that level of perspective as a child? 

Life would have been a whole lot easier and more fulfilling…

You’d have made less mistakes, been a better person, and opened up a whole bunch of exciting different doors for yourself. 

You now have the opportunity to provide that for your own children! 

It might well be the best gift you ever give. 

If your children have been struggling with the pressures of modern world - whatever their age - our program can be the key to setting them free. 

If they’ve been acting up, or lashing out, our program is the perfect way to not just help them process their emotions…

But bond you together as an unbreakable unit. 

For The Entire Family Circle: 
Possessing a collective knowledge of Mindfulness will bring every single member of your family unit closer. 

It will help you: 
  •  Build stronger relationships 
  • ​Communicate more clearly effectively 
  •  Row and argue less
  • ​Work through problems openly and calmly
  •  Interact with compassion and kindness
  • ​Share experiences of freedom and self-discovery 
  •  And so much more… 

Whether you’re a fractured family in need of some serious help….

A family who simply want to work through their emotions together….

Or a family who want to learn a new skill… 

Root2Mindfulness is the perfect excuse to spend quality time with one another in a fun, beneficial way.   
What's Included In Root2Mindfulness?
You'll get access to a wide variety of games, tasks, and modules; ALL tailored towards helping your entire family master Mindfulness! 

There are 12 modules, each containing lessons to work your way through together.  

Every module contains:
All with real world examples of how to include mindfulness in your life too!

Take a sneak peek at one of our lessons here:
How To Connect Without The Internet
Understand the addiction we all have to technology, and the negative impact it’s having on surprising areas of our lives. 

Receive 10 methods and alternatives to help bring your family BACK to their present selves, and live their lives moment by moment instead of glued to their screens!


Get a short 10-minute exercise to do with your family everyday, that’ll have LIFELONG benefits.  

It’s fun, and healing for the whole family AND will help you start to build unbreakable bonds. 
The other modules include: 
  • ​The best way to become more grateful with who you are and what you have
  • How to spread peace and fulfilment to your mind (as explained deeply in Module 1)
  • ​One lesson to empower your imagination and take you on a journey of self-discovery
  • How finding your inner zen will uncover a part of you that you will never want to lose again
  •  The ins and outs of walking through the door to your mind, (and find many opportunities of success, love, happiness and vitality)
  •  Why gaining this fresh outlook on your family will allow a closer connection and improved communication between you (parents and children can come from separate universes of time but both play a huge part in making each other future memorable and brighter)
  •   A whole module on how to grow within yourself, as a stronger individual.
  •  The reason why you should be working side by side with your family, nature and granting peace to enter your thoughts and sensations.
  • ​One powerful way to return you to your innate animal, surrounding yourself with positive, constructive energy and in an environment of creation.
  •  Gain deeper understanding of self (using the little know principle explained in Module 4).
  • ​Build a healthier state of mind and a thriving flow state.
  •  Life changing tactics of challenges that will help you find vulnerability within your routine (AND let you evaluate in ways to adapt to become more present for you and your family)
You will also get an entire extra module dedicated to teaching you techniques, and approaches which your family can use, and revisit when you need to! 

All that AND access to a FULL video library to give you even more information on the topics surrounding Mindfulness. 
Extra Special Bonus: 
FREE Membership To Our Private Community!
Join all the other members of Root2Mindfulness, and us, in our private Facebook group. 

It's an amazing space to build friendships, get support, and work through any parenting problems with people who understand your journey the most! 

We will be present in the group to connect with personally for extra tailored advice and personalized guidance. 

This is a totally private group…

You can’t access it unless you’re part of the Root2Mindfullness movement! 

How Much Is A Fulfilled, Happy Family Worth?  
The Root2Mindfulness program will help both yourself and your family navigate the world in a more fulfilling, happier, and productive way. 

It'll create an unbreakable bond within all of your relationships that will last a lifetime. 

After you finish with our program, each and every member of your family will have undergone an entire emotional education.

You'll be able to communicate more effectively, be more comfortable in each other's company, and work through life's ups and downs TOGETHER

How much is that worth to you? 

Most would say that level of unity, and love is priceless, valuable, or more than money can buy…

But, we’re so passionate about helping to create an unbreakable bond between you, and your kids we want you to try out our program for just £1! 

We Want To Offer You A 7-day Trial Of Root2Mindfulness For Just £1
You will have access to EVERYTHING and find out just how much you need Mindfulness in your life! 

After that it's just £30 month. 
The Minds Behind Root2Mindfulness

Rachael Iris

Having spent much of her time traveling to the most remote areas of the world, Rachael discovered the vital lessons that were missing within western society, and the education system. 

She saw how toxically people, including parents and children, interacted with each other, and the chaotic effect it was having on all their lives. 

Rachael knew, there had to be a better way to live. 

She'd studied Mindfulness, alongside Philosophy, Psychology, Counselling, Psychotherapy, Mental Health, and Science of the Mind at University.

With her academic, and worldly knowledge she knew she could find a way to take away all the unnecessary pressures of life…

And it ALL had to start with helping Parents and their kids FIRST.  

Jon Evans

Jon discovered Mindfulness much later on in his life. It helped him find his true calling.

After a lifetime of never really understanding his role in this world, he's determined to spread the Mindfulness message to help more people, discover it sooner. 

From the exact lessons in the program, Jon has been able to build stronger bonds with his family, and himself.  

Now, his mission is to help other families achieve the same. 
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